Welcome Message

Welcome to all new and returning students at Island Coast High. This handbook will help you by providing important information, not only to get started, but to keep you informed throughout the year. Many people are working behind the scenes to support you in your journey though ICHS: parents, teachers, staff, and the community. Let this year be your year to build both your dreams and memories.

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Students may rent a hallway locker and lock for a non-refundable fee of $5.00 in the Student Services Office. Physical Education lockers and locks are available for $3.00. Students interested in purchasing a P.E. locker should contact their P.E. teacher. Lockers are subject to be searched by an administrator or K9 unit at any time.

Hall Pass Policy 2016-2017

Students are required to be in the classroom on time in order to benefit from instructional activities. Students are permitted to use a hall pass during appropriate times.


All staff are responsible for reporting the names of students who are outside of class without a valid pass to the Student Affairs Office.


Times to Sign Out

Every effort must be made to minimize interruption of instructional time; however, in the event it is necessary for a student to leave the classroom, the Hall Pass Policy must be enforced. Students may not ask to leave the classroom during instructional time while the teacher is addressing the class. Students must choose a time that will not disrupt any other student’s learning or the teacher’s instruction to sign out on the hall pass system.


In addition to the hall pass procedures, students are not permitted to leave class for any reason during the first and last fifteen minutes of class unless deemed an emergency by the teacher. 


Hall Pass Limitations

Students will be given three (3) passes per class per quarter to include: restroom, Clinic, Main Office, Media Center, etc.  Students will not be permitted to leave the classroom without a hall pass.  Once all passes have been used for a specific class and the student believes he/she will need more passes to finish the quarter, the student must go to Student Affairs during a non-instructional time and request to make a phone call home to a parent or guardian to determine if there are any medical concerns or other unusual circumstances requiring the student to leave the classroom on more than three occasions per quarter.  Administration will provide the student with a new pass if such circumstances are warranted. Students may not request that a pass from a different period be used instead.


Hall Pass Process

At the start of the 2015-16 school year, each student will be given his/her own hall pass to carry during the school day.  The hall pass is the students’ responsibility.  Students will be given a new hall pass at the beginning of each quarter.  Each new hall pass will be identified with a different color: Q1 – yellow, Q2 – green, Q3 – red, Q4 – TBA.  The classroom teacher will be responsible for hole punching the individual hall pass prior to the student leaving the classroom.


A student who leaves the classroom MUST:

  • Have the hall pass hole punched before leaving the classroom.
  • NOT use electronic devices (cell phones, IPods, headphones, games, etc.) at any time.


A student who returns to the classroom MUST:

  • Must have a signed pass with the date and time if returning from the Clinic, Main Office, Media Center, or another teacher.*


*If a student requests to go to the Clinic, the student’s individual pass will be punched, and the teacher must provide a signed pass with the date and time to the student before he/she leaves the classroom. The only exception is for students with a permanent Clinic pass for medical needs where the student will receive the written pass from the teacher with no punch to the hall pass card.


Lost Pass Replacement

Students who misplace or lose his/her individual hall pass must replace the hall pass at his/her own cost of $5.  A replacement hall pass can be purchased in Student Affairs.  When the first replacement is purchased, the first pass for every class will be punched.  When the second replacement is purchased, the first and second pass for every class will be punched.  Students will be limited to two replacement hall passes per quarter.


Students may not use another student’s hall pass under any circumstances.


Student Incentives

Teachers may incentivize students still having unused passes at the end of the quarter at his/her discretion.  Below are a few suggestions:


  • Extra credit
  • Drop lowest quiz/test
  • Homework pass
  • Teacher generated incentive


The school will encourage students to not use hall passes through a school-wide initiative.  At the end of each quarter, any student who has a completely unused hall pass will be asked to enter his/her hall pass card into a drawing for a fabulous prize.  The hall pass cards will be collected via a box located in the main office.


Students will not be permitted to “bank” any unused passes from quarter to quarter.