Volume 2

About the Korean-Japanese Pop Culture Club

I am happy to announce that the Japanese Pop Culture Club will continue for the 2017-2018 school year. Due to the high interest in Korean Culture (KPOP), we will now be known as the Korean-Japanese Pop Culture Club. This club will allow students to get to know the exciting exports from Japan & Korea from manga to anime to Japanese and Korean snacks. Students will also learn about Japanese and Korean customs.

Google Classroom Code: 623h99

Club Meetings: Second & Fourth Monday of the month in rm 308 from 1:45 to 4:00

Please make sure you have a ride home promptly at 4:00. :)

2017-2018 Officers

Senior President: Vicky H, 12th

President: Savannah H., 11th

Vice President: Isa G., 10th

Secretary: Sarah M., 11th

Senior Representative: Courtney M., 12th

Design/Web Master Senpai: Jacob P., 10th

Tresurer: Elected 17-18 School Year 

Underclassmen Representative: Elected 17-18 School Year 

Senpai: Mr. Green